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As a producer on his own, even before and after Swedish House Mafia, Axwell has become one of dance music's most beloved artists. It is no surprise that the main stage at Tomorrowland was filled with fans, leaving not one open space during his set. 

After recently releasing his new single "Center of the Universe," he's had a busy summer in Ibiza with his and Sebastian Ingrosso's party "Departures," and continues to give his fans even more with some new music on the way. 

Axwell had some time before his main stage set at Tomorrowland where he sat down to talk about his new release "Center of the Universe," Remode, what he's been up to in the studio, and more! Check it out below:

Photo Credit Nicole Mastrogiannis for iHeartRadio

How do you like Tomorrowland so far?

I love it, this is probably my fifth or sixth year or something like that, and it just keeps getting better every year.

What do you think Tomorroworld will be like?

I think it’ll be super exciting because it’s the first of its kind there in that part of America, so I think it’ll be insane.

Tell us about your new song "Center of the Universe?" The video is so interactive and it syncs up with the "Where’s The Party" campaign?

Yeah, exactly, doing a big party in Sweden in August 31st, it’s called “Where’s the Party.” And with the help of this interactive video you can sort of win tickets and come there for free and enjoy a good evening in Stockholm.

Did you like making the video?

Yeah, it was fun, I like making videos. It’s a lot, it takes a lot of time, but once it’s done it’s a great result.

And there's the Remode remix, can we see more Remode in the future?

Yes, yes. Remode is my thing!

Are you working on any new music at all?

Yes! I got a lot of stuff coming, and I will be playing some of that today, which is one collaboration with Sick Individuals called “I Am” and then another collaboration actually with Hook N Sling and that track is called “Tokyo by Night” so that’s two new tracks today! Wow!

If you had your own land what would you name it?