Over the past year, Dyro has been busy touring all over the world with his Revealed counterparts Hardwell and Dannic. After releasing a few tracks and remixes - including one for Axwell and one for Gabriel & Dresden - he has found his way to the main stages at festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Zoo.

We caught up with Dyro at Electric Zoo after his set on the main stage. He talked about some of the most hilarious moments from the Revealed Bus Tour in Canada, who he would like to remix, and revealed he has two new tracks up his sleeve - one of which he announced the name of (both were in his set). Check it out below:

Is this your first time in Electric Zoo?

Yeah, it’s my first time.  It’s actually funny ‘cause like three years ago, Hardwell played one of my tracks, one of my first tracks, for the very first time at E-Zoo.  Like, that was also the first time that he got to hear my music.  So actually, it’s kind of an anniversary for me today.

You just came from your show in Washington, DC with Dada Life, how was being with them?

Awesome! We played at Echostage.  It was cool to meet up with Dada Life again.  It was fun. They're crazy! I didn’t see them before my set ‘cause, you know, we, we followed up after each other, so just a quick eye.  But afterwards we, on the ride back to the hotel, got to talk, so it was fun. A lot of bananas, and champagne, and pillow fights!

How has your summer been?

Really busy!  It was actually my first filled summer schedule since I started playing. It’s difficult.  I mean, I’m not complaining at all, but it’s heavy you know. Not a lot of sleep, a lot of shows and the biggest disadvantage is that I don’t have any time in the studio for like two months, or like really little.  So I can only finish like two songs in three months which is not me at all. I usually do like three songs a month. 

What’s been the highlight of it so far?

The highlight!  Well, wow, I think, EDC, the main stage, my first main stage performance, this festival of course is going into the books. I did have a really big show in Portugal for like 30,000 people on a beach, which was awesome!

You tour a lot with Hardwell and Dannic. What is the most hilarious moment from the road that you can remember with them? 

It’s must have been on the [bus tour] in Canada. So [many] things happened there, and if you were looking through the aftermovie, you’d see a lot of things going on like me getting hit by towels and stuff, and I think you can also see me cleaning my face on the bus in like minus 30 degrees Celsius (that’s like really, really f***ing cold!), and I was in a swim suit as well!

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Wildstylez just remixed "Never Say Goodbye," which is a hardstyle take on the track. How do you like it?

It’s actually pretty cool because Hardstyle is like really, really big genre in Holland - for a lot of years. For over twenty years already.  When I was 14 years old, which is already a long time ago, seven years ago, I was always listening to hardstyle. I was really amazed by it, and back then Wildstylez was just coming up, like 7 years ago. I haven’t met him ever, but it was really cool to have like him remix a song, after all those years. I’ve been a fan him, of course I’m still a fan, because he’s a really good producer.  So yeah, it’s fun to have somebody you admire to do your remix. 

You’ve remixed a lot of people from dance music and in pop music. Do you have a favorite remix that you did?

I really liked doing the remix for Axwell.  [It] was a lot of pressure on me ‘cause, you know, it’s Axwell, he’s like one of my heroes. 

Are there any pop songs that you'd like to remix?

That’s a hard question!  Maybe a Macklemore song. 

You’ve also remixed “Tracking Treasure Down.” Are you a Grabriel and Dresden fan?   

I mean [they] are legends, you know. So it’s cool to remix that song as well. Their song is also a legendary song. Yeah, that was cool.

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Do you have any new music on the way?

Definitely!  I just premiered two songs on the main stage, one I did announce and one I didn't. [Announced] "You gotta know."  It’s a funny story.  I live in a really small town in Holland - really, really small. I knew this guy that was in a band, we met like two years ago, and I didn’t see him after that. So for two years we didn’t speak or I didn’t see him, and all of a sudden he sent me like two, topline concepts.  I listened to them and I was amazed by what he did so I just started working on it and I think its a pretty cool track!  It’s not finished yet – I heard a couple of things while I played it that I have to change and modify but I’m really excited about it!

Well since we’re at Electric Zoo, if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

A unicorn. I have something with unicorns. They’re mystical, and I’m mystical!

Photo Credit Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio