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Sander van Doorn has been creating music and making his fans dance for quite a while, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Aside from producing some of the dance floor's favorite tracks, he continues to spread his music all over the world, while preforming at the globe's biggest and best dance music festivals, and most famous clubs. 

We caught up with Sander at Electric Zoo in New York. He told us about his track "Neon," his collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, new music coming from his label Doorn and himself, and what he plans to do on his week off!

"Neon" has been really successful! Pete Tong has been playing it on "All Gone Pete Tong" and the video recently came out as well which was really interesting. Did you have any creative say in it?

I know, it’s an interesting video. You know, I’ve got a great team on the whole creative side. I just gave the assignment [to] just make something that's really fussy and weird. So, a lot of colors, you know, the theme is neon. They started working on something, and this weird kind of video came out. The whole assignment was … if you come back from clubbing and you go home, and you put on the television, it needs to be like, WHOA! Very intense! 

I try to do something completely different with every single track. For instance, "Joy Energizer" was something more clubby. We’re actually shooting a new video right now which is completely different to that!

What song is that for?

yeah, I can’t really tell. It’s a new track.

What’s your favorite neon color?

I would say blue!

How has your summer been?

It’s been the most ridiculous summer I’ve ever had actually. I’ve been playing for about 10 years. Every year I’ve, I’ve seen it grow and grow, and the booking schedule is becoming fuller and fuller. This year has been pretty insane. On average [I have] five to six gigs a week, combined with studio time. I think I have one week of holiday in January!

Any fun vacation plans?

I’m probably going to go skiing or something. I’m going to try it. This year definitely.

How was Ibiza?

Insane, I did the two events, this year. Privilege which is pretty cool, together with Amenesia which is really cool, as well. I love both clubs. Amnesia is a little bit more intimate. Privilege is very massive. The last show I did last week [was] for 5,000 people, so pretty crazy!

Tell us about "Project T" with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. What was it like working with those guys?

Well, about four years ago … or three years ago, I already did a remix of the XX track "Intro" and, Dimitri and Mike, they really loved the track, so they decided to do something with that as well. And we ended up, just [making] it a collaboration. I kind of did the final mix down as well … the whole structure and, it’s just going through the roof right now!

They’re [Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike] really cool, you know. They’re, they're very focused, and they're very serious [about] what they're doing. I think they [have] a really bright future ahead.

DVVBS and Borgeous' track on your label Doorn "Tsunami" hit number 1 on Beatport! What other great music can fans expect from Doorn?

Right now, there’s going to be a release, pretty much every single week! And every single track is going to be pretty insane. There are tracks coming from Mighty Fools, MAKJ, there’s so many other artists. And obviously, a few of my own tracks as well. So, we’re pretty much booked from now until December.

When can fans expect to hear your new music?

The next track’s going to be "Project T." After that, it’s going to be, I don’t know which of the two tracks it’s going to be, but in a few months, [is] going to be the next track. I’ve been having a big flow of tracks being released every two months now for the last three years, and I’m going to try and, and keep on going with that.

Since you're at Electric Zoo, if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I would say a jaguar for my energetic sound. Besides that, perhaps a chameleon for playing different music.

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