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One of dance music's young, rising stars, Walden has already got the support of dance music legends like Tiesto, Pete Tong, and more. This is only the beginning of what is to come from the talented Australian.  

Walden stopped by iHeartRadio HQ in New York City where he talked about where he got his start, what it's like being a producer/DJ at a young age, and more. Check it out below:

How was growing up in Australia?

Yeah it was lovely. I mean I haven’t really grown up anywhere else, so I can’t really compare it to anything. But yeah I’m a big fan of OZ - expensive place but a really lovely area to live in. Especially in Sydney and the areas we were in around there.

You're very young! When did you get into this? We hear it was on a school field trip?

Yeah, it was. We went to a place called the Powerhouse Museum, a music school excursion, and they introduced us to this music making program. And I didn’t really consider myself a musical person, but what interested me in production was sort of the creative aspects of it. Building a record, via have samples and sounds and be able to manipulate them through software on a laptop. I thought was just the coolest thing. I was about 11. It just sort of became a hobby, that turned into something more. 

Since you’re so young, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being your age in this industry?

Advantages – I don’t know. I mean I guess being younger, I have very little commitments. This is something that I can pursue, it’s not like I have a family or a full time job. I mean it’s definitely a big advantage. I guess a disadvantage, I wouldn’t consider a disadvantage, but I still have a lot to learn. This is very much in the beginning stages, which I’m actually very excited about. So yeah that’s definitely a cool part about it. I wouldn’t consider that a disadvantage but, yeah. In Miami we had a few problems with [being underage]. [And] in Vegas, when I play at Marquee, fair enough for them cause they had to protect their license. I go in and play and there’s no alcohol in the booth, and as soon as I’m done I have to leave, cause it’s a risk having me in the club.

How did it feel to have a dance music artist like Tiesto play your song "Brightness" on his radio show, when you were even younger - at 16 years old?

Ridiculous. Yeah, that was definitely a moment. I think Pete Tong played it as well and that was my first sort of ever original release. So I was in no way expecting that kind of a support. It was definitely a big surprise. A pleasant surprise.

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And you just remixed Paul Van Dyk's song, "We Are Tonight?" How did you come into remixing his song?

Just through management really. I’ve done remixes before for Armada Music so it kind of makes sense I guess. Yeah, it was good. I love the original, and I wanted to put a more house-y but not too typical house-y [vibe], a bit more, I don’t know, different. I was pretty happy with how the mix turned out. I was definitely excited. Paul Van Dyk was one of my idols when I just started to get into dance music, and it was very exciting to do a mix for him.

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So PvD is kind of like a hero?

He is, you know, especially back in the day, like one of those guys, those key guys who inspire me in dance music. So it was definitely cool.

Did you always listen to dance music?

I listened to a little bit of everything before. I mean I only really got into dance when I was about 12 or 13 cause my cousin Alex was a house DJ. So he played all the funky, old school stuff and introduced me to that. And I was listening to a bit of trance from my siblings as well, and yeah, I just started exploring all different genres. And I eventually ended up [at] progressive house, at the moment.

Tell us about your song "First Day?"

The vocal was actually written for another piece. And when I got the vocal I really liked the vibe of it. But I didn’t feel ike it was suited for the track that they put it on. So I took it, I vibed off it for a little bit and I just built a new track around it. I was really happy with how it turned out. It is definitely one that I’m proud of.

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And you’re going on tour with Morgan Page and Project 46, a on their 3D bus tour? Are you excited?

Really excited. This is the first that I’ve heard of it, of the whole 3D element. When I got here, I heard them talking about it at Electric Zoo, and that it's becoming a thing. I’m really excited for the tour, obviously not cause it’s just 3D but cause I get to tour with Morgan Page. I think it would be a really good experience because I think it would be good practice, you know at helping me at learning how to read different crowds and different parts of the North American market. I guess just getting used to DJing in front of a crowd, and I guess moving them, taking them on some kind of musical journey. So I’m really looking forward to that aspect. And of course, just running around on a bus, and getting to know Project 46 and Morgan.

What are the essentials you need to have on this bus tour?

My DVDs of "Breaking Bad," I just really started getting into the show but it’s awesome, really cool. And my laptop, nothing really imaginative.

Do you have any more new music on the way?

I’ve been working on a couple of collaborations, I’ve done one with TV Rock. So right now that one’s in the works, [and] it’s very close to being done. So that would be good I think to put out, I’m looking forward to that one. Yeah, just lots of originals, lots of different ideas I’ve been playing around with. I think after "First Day" we’re hoping to put out another club record, maybe the collaboration with TV Rock, and maybe bits and pieces. Very very productive at the moment, which is always good.

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