The following information was received from CNN.


At least 20 students are injured in a Pittsburgh-area high school stabbing.

According to CNN, and various other news outlets, a male sophomore went on a stabbing spree at his Pittsburgh-area high school early Wednesday, per an emergency management agency spokesman.

The alleged suspect is currently in custody being treated for injuries to his hands, Murrysville Police Chief Thomas Seefeld said, according to CNN.  

An adult security guard is among those who were injured.

The violence took place in classrooms and hallways.  Four people were flown to hospitals via helicopter.

Seven teens and one adult are being treated at a nearby hospital.  Their injuries are said to be "quite serious," and some are clearly "life threatening," said Dan Stevens, a spokesman for Westmoreland County Emergency Management.

Victims are said to have been stabbed in their torso, abdomen, chest and back areas; two people were sent to surgery immediately after arriving at the hospital.  Those two patients had low blood pressure; a third was being prepped for surgery, and the others were being evaluated.

Eleven victims were taken to four University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospitals, UPMC spokesman Cindy McGrath said.

The conditions of those injured, and the details of the story, are still unfolding.  



Photo Credit: CNN