Boston WCVB - After a Michigan boy told his mother he didn't want a birthday party because he didn't have any friends she set up a Facebook page for the young boy, and it's gone viral - in a big way! 

Mother of 10-year-old Colin, Jennifer, created a Facebook page for her son called "Happy Birthday Colin."

The page asked people to send Colin birthday wishes so that Colin could really see how much he is loved.

Colin turns 11 on March 9, was diagnosed one year ago with a sensory processing disorder and another disorder similar to autism.

As of Wednesday morning, the Facebook page has more than 1 million likes.

Jennifer said she recently found out that other parents were trying to get their kids out of Colin's class, and the teacher told him.

"His peers don't understand him but every adult who meets him loves him so I thought I would go to a place where adults and my friends are, Facebook, and have them write nice messages to Colin so I could share them on his birthday," Jennifer told

Click here to ‘Like’ Colin’s Birthday page and send him your wishes!