Students protested outside of Robin Thicke’s Agganis Arena show last night after they failed to have the concert cancelled.

The demonstration was geared towards the singer’s hit song ‘Blurred Lines’ allegedly promoting rape culture. 

Around 15-20 protesters carried signs outside the venue that read, “Her Body Her Rules,” “‘NO’ Does Not Mean Convince Me,” “Consent Is A line That Should Not Be Blurred,” and “I’m Not Your Good Girl.” 

President of the Humanists of Boston University told the student newspaper, The Daily Free press, “Rape culture is reinforced by the media we consume. We want to encourage more critical dialogue of our role in that cultural system. The media’s role in rape culture… is desensitizing the issue of rape and justifying it.” 

In February, 1,400 people had signed an online petition started by the Humanists of Boston University, yet the school’s administration had no role in booking the show therefore it was unlikely to be cancelled.