I mean, we’ve all heard about Shia LefBeouf’s wild side, but Channing Tatum? We didn’t think he did anything naughty besides stripping for millions of women to watch.

But as it turns out, Channing used to have a bad side!

Channing revealed in an interview with GQ magazine that back in 2006, he and Shia got so drunk that they decided to do some property damage.

The two were co-starring in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints at the time and the directed instructed the guys to get to the know each other better. 

So they began this insane night of misbehaving where Shia says….

“Channing was suppose to be the head honcho in the movie, so he goes, ‘All right, you see tha bookstore? Somebody throw a rock. Let’s break in and steal a Spider-Man bookmark.’ And Peter (Tambakis) and me look at each other like, ‘Dude, what? Are you f*ckign kidding me?” 

He confessed that none of the guys would do it, so Channing smashed the window to pieces himself! 

However, Channing remembers the night differently…

“Me and Shia, I think we had just met that day. We were, like, “What shall we go out and do?’ We were drinking. And i think our initial thing was ‘Alright, let’s go out and try and get in a fight!’ This was just young, dumb idiot actors thinking that’s going to bond us. Because we’ll shed blood together, blah, blah, blah. I definitely kicked in a window that night. But it wasn’t Barnes and Nobles. Just a window. We were just running being hoodlums and throwing trash bags down the street and just being stupid. I’ve never seen him since then.” 

HA! Wow so looks like the father of 11-month-old daughter Everly does have a bad side.