Rachel Frederickson won The Biggest Loser last night after she lost 155 pounds. The 24-year-old went from a size 20 to 0/2, also winning $250,000!!

But the questions lingers today...did she lose too much weight. The 5'4" former athlete weighted in at a tiny 105 pounds.

After the finale Twitter blew up stating that Rachel looked like she wasn’t fit and healthy – just skinny, maybe TOO skinny.

"I truly came on The Biggest Loser to gain my life and get that second chance to take control and to be that confident girl again," - "To see it transform throughout the weeks and come back that alive, feeling, in my eyes, through that video, it was just inspiring to see it again and I know that I found that girl."


Personal trainers Jillian Miachaels and Bob Harper have seen some incredible transformations over the years, but even they looked beyond shocked by her tranformation: