Lately there have been rumors flying around about Jay-Z and Beyonce's marriage falling apart. 

These rumors range from the couple attending counseling, to Jay-Z sneaking around with other ladies, to the couple filing for divorce once their joint On The Run Tour ends.

However Beyonce's latest photo on Instagram could possibly contradict all these rumors. After wrapping up their On The Run Tour in San Francisco a few nights ago, Bey uploaded a photo thanking her fans with a photo of Jay-Z holding their daughter Blue Ivy.

Her caption is pretty telling: "Thank you San Fran! Your city is beautiful. It was the perfect place to complete the best tour of my life! Thank you to all the fans that supported our show. God bless," she wrote. 

Whether or not these rumors are true, Beyonce clearly wants us to believe that she is very happy.

She has also posted a photo of her and Jay hugging on her official website. 

Could this disprove all of the rumors that have been swarming around? You decide:

(photo credit: Getty images & Instagram)