Just say you two are dating...

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been dating for almost three years, but are very careful about keeping their relationship private.  They rarely talk about each other publicly, and when they do talk about one another, it's about their joint movies, "The Amazing Spider-Man" franchise.

So...when they were asked about their relationship while on "The Ellen Degeneres Show," things got awkward.

Stone and Garfield were joined by co-star Jamie Foxx who decided to join Ellen and help her make the couple squirm in their seats.

In one segment, Ellen asked if any costars need to share a room...the question was directly aimed at the couple.  "I know there is a budget," Ellen said, "do any of the co-stars have to share a hotel room or anything?"

To which Foxx chimed in, "yeah, what do you guys do?," getting a response from Garfield, who joked, "you know the answer to that because we've been sharing a bedroom."

In another segment, Ellen commented on Stone and Garfield's chemistry after showing a kissing scene from their upcoming movie, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro."

"Do you all rehearse," Ellen asked.  "Before you kiss, do you kiss to make sure you kiss okay?"

At this point during the interview, Garfield was drinking his water as if he'd just walked through the desert...a little nervous there Spidey? 

Hey Stone, Garfield, y'all are an adorable couple and the world knows you're together, don't be so shy about it! 

Although, we sort of like their hesitation and awkwardness regarding questions towards their relationship...it makes them seem a little more real.



Photo Credit: Getty Images

Video Credit: YouTube