The fact that Wilcox County High School was integrated just 30 years ago is a clear sign that the area is still behind and in effort to join modern society, four students are fighting to organize the schools ever first integrated prom.

That is right, the proms at this Georgia High School are still segregated. Isn't it 2013?

A student Keela Bloodworth says, "It's embarrassing to know that i'm from the county that still does this." Bloodworth (who is a white student) and three friends (two of whom are colored) are determined to shake things up this year and fight the tradition.

However, the girls face obstacles. "I actually put up posters for the integrated prom and we've had people ripping them down at the school," Bloodworth told CBS Atlanta. 

Both separate black and white proms are privately funded by parents and students, so Bloodworth and her friends have been forced to try and raise the money themselves. 

Wilcox County High School refuses to share their position on the matter but have decided that there will just be one homecoming king and queen.

But as Gawker described the move is a "empty gesture," adding that the white king and the black queen won't even be allowed to take a joint photographs for the yearbook. 

So is it safe to say there will be separate reunions for this high school as well?