Krewella has been touring non-stop for months promoting their EP Play Hard. They have been hitting cities and festivals all over the country and the EDM trio performed live last night for the first time ever in the city of Boston. 

On Monday, April 15th just two days shy of the much anticipated show tragedy took over. 

On one of the most pride worthy days of the year, Patriots day, Marathon Monday, the unthinkable bombing at the Boston Marathon took place, taking the lives of 3 and injuring over 170 people. 

In the wake of tragedy, mourning and time of grievance in our proud city of Boston, it is amazing that something that simple can bring people together and lift the spirits of so many. 

It was humbling to see people come together not in the least bit make a crowd forget about what happened but for the first time in days shift their minds from the horrific events and make remembrance in such a high energy, positive atmosphere.

And that is exactly what Krewella did. 

When Krewella took the stage around 10:30PM the sold out show was packed to its limit with an overly excited crowd ready to absolutely rock out to Krewella's music.

Their music combines female vocals with dance electro beats and occasionally fazes into intense dub step breaks that thrilled the crowd for the the full hour and a half set. 

It was full on hands in the air, bodies moving, sweat dripping and drinks spilling.

The group said it best themselves it's, "All about the music and love," and thats what they were able to relay to their crowd through their head banging beats. 

"Music really does heal and they are doing it for us and it is amazing that 1/2 the proceeds are going to the Boson Fund," said fan Casey from Waltham, "I think it is a great thing that they are still performing tonight, it has been a long week and it gave us something to look forward too."

The EDM trio from Chicago is made up of sisters, Jahan Yousaf & Yasmine Yousaf, and EDM Producer Kris Trindl, also known as "Rain Man."

Formed in 2007 and in 2011 earned great recognition online after releasing their tracks "Strobelights" and "One Minute." Both tracks went viral amongst the blog community

The young but experienced trio has already amassed 60,000+ fans on Facebook, 15,000+ followers on Twitter, and 10,000+ followers on Soundcloud. Krewella is on the path to making 2012 a huge year and are headed straight for the top with their unique and innovative approach to EDM.

In the end it was just so awesome to look on stage and see Rain Man rocking a Boston Strong shirt, the crowd chanting "Pray for U.S.A." and at the end thanking them so much for still coming to Boston and doing this for them.

Last night was more than just a show it was a symbol that sometimes music really can help heal.