When we pose the question…Is Justin Bieber just one big flirt? All sings are pointing to yes. 

Or well at least towards 20-year-old singer, Ariana Grande. Is the 19-year-old singer interested in another child star transformation? 

Ariana Grande: Transformation from Child Star in to Pop Star 

Biebs has been caught red handed sending the 'Baby I' singer - whose rise to fame includes voice comparisons to Mariah Carey - some flirty text messages! 

"Justin's the most famous contact I have in my phone," she bragged in a new interview with M magazine. "I didn't believe it was him at first. He wrote, 'What's up cutie?' and i dropped by phone and thought, 'That did not just happen.'" 

Photo Gallery: The Evolution of Justin Bieber 

And is Ariana flirting back? 

After tweeting at her complimenting her cover of 'Die In Your Arms' she said in the interview, "I think he's adorable and amazing."

Now that would be one heck of a love triangle if these two started hanging out. HM we wonder what Selena would have to say about that.