2014 has not been the best year for Justin Bieber.  He has been in the news week after week for reckless, or just plain ridiculous, behavior.  Most recently, Bieber was arrested for drag racing and DUI.

This week though it seems Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez, is the one making headlines.

Reports recently surfaced that Gomez privately spent two weeks in rehab for, what sources say, was a multitude of problems including pot, alcohol, and prescription ambien.

Gomez's decision to go to rehab was due, in part, to Justin Bieber.  However, reports also say that Gomez blames her ex for problems.

Sources close to Bieber say he is laughing off the allegations.  TMZ reports that Bieber acknowledges the fact that he gets wasted, but he also says Selena was "smoking as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdoing them."  The same sources also say that Gomez was "heavy" into alcohol.

The icing on the cake are reports that Justin says he is happy he is no longer with Selena because she is "just too high maintenence...and out of control."