Justin Timberlake stopped by the Angie Martinez' Show on Hot 97 to discuss it all. 

he talked his friendship with Beyonce and Jay Z, collaborations with Drake, Nas and Jay Z and his plans after The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2 that drops 9/30. 

AND the Prince of Pop also weighed in on what he thought of Miley Cyrus' outrageous VMA performance. 

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On hanging out with Jay Z and Beyonce after their NY show: 'I did get both of them standing on a couch. My wife and I get along with them so well. They're just good people, my kinda people.'

On winning the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award: 'To even be mention in the shadow of GOAT, to even be mention in the shadow of MJ … That's when you're like, 'Woah!' It's humbling. It feels sacred in a way.' 

On Miley Cyrus' VMA performance: 'It's the VMAS. It's not the Grammys. We're talking about Madonna in a wedding dress humping the stage, we're talking about Britney doing a striptease. This cycle is not uncommon… I'm saying she's young, take it easy on her. I think ['We Can't Stop'] is jammin' when i hear it on the radio. I like all the bears. To me, it's almost like if something like that doesn't happen at the VMAs, then i feel like it was boring.' 

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