Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farely has shared the first photos of her and fiancé, Roger Mathews’ baby girl, Meilani Alexandra! 

“Meilani is the most perfect baby,” Jenni tells In Touch of her newborn baby, whose name means heavenly flower in Hawaiian.

The couple are adjusting to their life as a party of three as Jenni slowly learning her new role as a mother.

“We don’t have any help, so we’re learning as we go,” says Jenni, who admits she wouldn’t be able to do it without round-the-clock assistance from Roger. 

“It’s weird because now that I have her, I don’t think I’ve ever slept less in my life. But I’ve never been more content.” she tells the magazine. “Having her really changed my life in the best possible way.” 

As for Rogers duties? “I do diapers and get up with Jenni as much as I can at night. I think it’s only fair,” Roger tells the mag. ‘My family is my priority.” 

JWoww leaves her house Monday to go bridal shopping with best friend, Snooki. Her post-baby body looking great!