Adrienne Bailon did an open, honest interview about her dating past with Rob Kardashian and Kim has a huge issue with it. 

Although it’s publicly known that Rob cheated on Adrienne, Kim got all bothered when Adrienne mentioned the incident in her recent ‘Latina’ feature.

“It’s common knowledge that he cheated on me. It always bother me that people were like, ‘Why couldn’t you forgive him?’ Why are women always the one who has to forgive? If you cheated on a man, he would be like, ‘You’re disgusting, and I want nothing to do with you.’ But women, we’re suppose to be like, ‘He messed up. He made a mistake.” 

Adrienne continued by saying that the cheating wasn’t just a fleeting mistake, either: “He strategically planned things out so that he could cheat on me, and that to me was so disloyal. At the time, I didn’t think anyone would even care. To this day, people will say, ‘You ruined Rob’s life!’”

She concluded her Kardashian rant with a comment that really pissed Kim off, “To be stuck with that Kardashian label, that was so hurtful to me and my career. I probably realized that too late - not that it would’ve affected my decisions in terms of who I dated, but it would've affected my decision to appear on the show.” 

Naturally that didn’t settle well with Kim and she let the whole world know on twitter