Kim Kardashian has forever been coy about plastic surgery rumors.  She adamantly denies having any work on her appearance.

This latest throwback photo she posted though, tells a different story.

In the photo, below, that's Kim (on the left) when her family first began their world takeover.  On the right, that's Kim this past March.  You tell us -- does it look like something is different?  Or is Kim being honest with these plastic surgery rumors?


And here's Kim's original Instagram photo, complete with sister Khloe:


Kim's younger sis, Kylie, just recently denied her own plastic surgery rumors saying [about the photo sparking the rumors] she's just wearing makeup in a different way.

So, maybe Kim didn't get plastic surgery and instead got herself an amazing makeup artist? 

Eh, we still don't buy it.  What do you think?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Instagram (Kim Kardashian's Instagram Account)