The Grammy’s may be over, but it seems the buzz is still strong for local musician Alastair Moock.

Moock was nominated for his first Grammy Award, in the children’s category, for an album he wrote with the help of his daughter, titled, “Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World’s Bravest Kids.”  Although he did not take home the award, the story behind the album is a heartfelt one.  

Moock’s daughter, Clio, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012.  The album follows Clio’s treatments, while also addressing the things that children, and families who are in similar situations, might be going through.

According to Moock’s website, and his wife’s blog, Clio is still undergoing treatment, though the parents are hopeful for her recovery. 

Moock often relates his music to social change.  “What I want to do now is continue to break down the walls of what music can be about.  I want to write about diversity and race, gender roles and families with same-sex parents.  These are all great subjects for kids music,” says Moock, according to the Boston Herald.

Moock can currently be seen performing in and around the Boston area.  To learn more about Alastair Moock and his music, or to keep updated on Clio, you can visit Moock’s website



Photo Credit: Getty Images