WHOOPS! Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions! 

First up: Miley Cyrus came dangerously close to suffering a double nip slip while hanging out with a fan (who almost got extra lucky) 

Cyrus was chatting with fans about a song she performed privately for them when her top suddenly came undone! Thankfully one of the contest winners was able to rescue Miley from the OMG moment. 

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Next up: Sunday night was performing a live show when a gust of wind revealed her flesh-colored underwear under her flowing dress. 

AND lets just say the flesh-colored underwear will make you double, maybe triple check this photo. 

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Lastly: And then there was Amber Rose who flashed her backside on the red carpet during the BET Awards.

The 29-year old, new mommy rocked vibrant yellow dress and when a breeze blew by it also blew her skirt right up giving her an epic 'Marilyn Monroe' Moment.

She acted as a pro and quickly recovered her malfunction by laughing it off. 

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