Isn't it great when celebrities freak-out when other celebrities acknowledge them?  To be fair, if Zac Efron tweeted us we would react the same way!

Everyone knows how adorable Mindy Kaling is, and we love her outspoken and free spirited nature, especially in regards to talking about her body.  But after this tweet, we love her even more (if that was even possible)!

The Mindy Project star took to Twitter to ask her friend, Seth Rogen, when his new movie Neighbors was coming out...however, it was another star of the movie who replied to Mindy's tweet.

Good ol' Zac Efron responded to Ms. Kaling and needless to say, she was not expecting him to answer, especially since she mentioned his abs in her tweet.  

She reacted to Efron's tweet like anyone would.  She said:



We can totally picture Mindy's reaction, even if it was only on Twitter.  We love seeing Mindy let out her inner fangirl!  



Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Twitter (Mindy Kaling)