On March 25th Kathy Griffin, a woman who is known to speak her mind, was answering fan questions on Twitter and one of her answers was not well received. The comedian and Grammy Winner's answer garnered hate and she is not backing down.



After Debbie Demi Lovato got wind of Griffin’s response she fired back posting a photo to Twitter, which has since been deleted, with the caption “Only a ‘douche’ to people I can’t stand.” 

The photo showed Lovato taking a "selfie" with Griffin (who was unaware of the photo) in the background.  In the pic Demi is pointing at Griffin who is seated further away from Demi.  Maybe they really just don’t like each other?

Things have been getting worse in the feud though, because Griffin is re-tweeting many of the death threats that Demi’s fans are sending her.  Including:

There are many more of these tweets on Griffin's account.

However, Demi, being the person she is, sent a tweet to Griffin to apologize for the death threats, writing:


It was extremely mature of Demi to apologize, and we hope these two can settle their “feud,” although from the looks of it, these two stubborn and hot-headed women will never be besties.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Tweet Credit: Demi Lovato/Kathy Griffin's Twitter accounts