A 30-year-old father from NH is blaming a carnival game for making him spend his entire life savings…and in turn he got nothing.

Well okay he didn't walk away with nothing, he did win a giant dreadlocked banana. 

Bad time for joking? Ok....

Henry Gribbohm of Epsom was playing "Tubs of Fun" at a carnival in Manchester for the chance to win a $300 Xbox Kinect.

The game is pretty simple: You toss a set of balls into a small plastic tub, and if they all stay inside, YOU WIN! Simple right?

Well Gibbohm told WBZ Boston that he had no problem during practice but when playing for keeps, "something changed."

BUT of course that didn't click…so he dropped $300 dollars in a few minutes…oh and then went home grabbed his entire life savings - $2,600 - and lost that as well.

"You just get caught up in the whole 'I've got to win my money back," he told CBS. 

When he went back the next day and complained the game operator did give him back $600 but Gribbohm wants it all backh and has filed a fraud complaint with Manchester Police. 

Irresponsible or did he get screwed out of his life savings?