Selena Gomez made her way into Boston's Kiss 108 this morning to talk about her newest album 'Stars Dance,' her upcoming World Tour, and just how available she really is.

Guess she just cleared up all rumors that her and Justin Bieber have rekindled their relationship.

Matty in the Morning asked the songstress, "So sometimes you may see a boy walking down the street and he says, 'lets grab a ice-cream' you're available? Selena responded with a positive,"Yep."

Matty then continued,"You're completely available in every way, and again she responded with a, "Yep!"

We're not kidding...It's all on video. 

There has recently been several rumors in regards to the relationship, that initially ended in December. 

There have been numerous accounts of speculation that the two are now back together....and now all the rumors seem to be completely FALSE considering she looked and sounded pretty positive about having no strings attached. 

Selena released her first single, "Come & Get it," on April 8th and since the song has been climbing the charts.

The singer is getting ready to release her second single off her new album, due out this summer.

"I'm shifting everything back to music now," she said, "We're getting the second single geared up and it's actually one of my favorite songs off the album."

In her interview she admits that she is her biggest critic, especially when it comes to photo shoots, talks about donating a portion of her Boston concert proceeds to One Fund Boston…AND mentioned that she's available and ready for someone to take her out for ice cream?

Her 2013 World Tour kicks off Oct. 10th and Boston is her third stop on Oct. 12th! Make sure you get your tickets! 

Check out her interview:

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