Yesterday reports surfaced that the reality star was staying thin by taking laxatives, drinking cocktails and starving herself but according to the Jersey Shore star, that gossip is all a bunch of BS.

The 25-year-old mama said:

“I saw that [report] today! I think its hysterical how people could sell fake stories making up things saying I take laxatives, and I don’t eat … Um, I eat all the time I just eat healthy meals, and I go to the gym every single day.

I go to gym five days a week and I eat healthy. I eat chicken, I eat salads, I eat vegetables, I just eat healthy and one day a week, I have my ice cream and my chips — but then the next day I go even harder at the gym. So I still live life but a healthier life.

I know that I battled with anorexia in high school but that’s not the case right now. I mean I am so healthy right now. The stories are just Ludacris and its so annoying!”

Snooki has lost a incredible 42 pounds after giving birth to Lorenzo and she is looking real good these days! So all the tabloids can stop hatin' on her!

She even tweeted out this video in response to the rumor that she only eats eggs….