FYI - The NFL has put a ban on allowing ANY purses much larger than a cell phone into games this year.

We ALL know that ladies carry their lives in their purse and whoever created this rule should have known there would be a backlash of women.

The first two preseason games have been long lines as women are forced to check-in their purses for a tacky clear bag then MORe long lines after the game as they wait to reclaim their purses. 

The NFL 'strongly encourage' fans to leave all bags at home, although they will make some allowances. Any bag bigger than a clutch HAS to be clear, no taller or deeper than a foot and more more than 6 inches wide.

The logo must be no bigger than 4.5 inches tall and 3.4 inches wide OR each fan can carry one single-gallon plastic Ziploc-style bag.

What do you think of the new policy?