Yesterday, the University of Rhode Island was under lockdown for about 2 1/2 hours after there were reports of someone with a gun on its rural South Kingstown campus.

But police found no gunman, no weapon and no danger at any time.

State Police Capt. Frank Castellone said state police got a call after 11 a.m. reporting a person with a gun in Chafee Hall.

According to police, a professor heard someone in her lecture hall say, "I'm a good guy and I have a gun."

"At that point things got crazy in the classroom," Castellone said.

By early a afternoon people had calmed and only a Nerf gun was found inside a backpack that belonged to a student, but police said they don't know if that had any connection to the incident. 

Police were considering a possible connection an on-campus game run by a sanctioned student group called "Humans Vs. Zombies." 

It's website describes it as a game of tag that involves foam dart blasters but notes that "realistic looking weaponry" is prohibited. 

Group president however said that the game, which is played at hundred of college capsules, had no connection to Thursday's scare. 

The series of events that happened inside the class room seems to vary from student ot student.

One student said that, "All of a sudden, we heard someone yell, 'You're a nice guy! You're a nice guy!" and sounding scared," adding that people started to move away from the area where the person was shouting. "Everybody started running out of the room, and our professor told us all to run."

Another student however tells a seemingly different chain of events saying "I heard a guy banging, and he said 'Let me in. Let me in. I have a gun, It must have been locked because he couldn't get in."

People began to freeze when the banging stared then ducked under their chairs before the teacher told them to run. 

Police are still looking in the possible connection to the on campus "Humans Vs. Zombies" game and classes are set to resume on Friday.