The reunited couple, who have seemingly hit a rough patch in their relationship over the last year, are joining pals on a European road trip.

Robert, 26 and Kristen, 22, split for the second time in Jan. after the handsome heart-throb failed to get over her cheating on him with married film director Rupert Sanders.

They however were spotted taking an evening stroll through the streets of Loz Feliz in L.A. on Friday proving that they are in fact back together. 

The couple plans to put a turbulent 12 months behind them by heading off in their camper van (driver included) with friends when R-Patz finishes filming his latest movie The Rover. 

A source said: "Rob has been planning the trip for a while."

"They will have a gout of friends on the same trip and they have asked their mutual pal Katy Perry to meet up along the way, She has been there for both of them during difficult times."

If any couple was gonna ditch 5 star hotels and restaurants to get down and dirty in a camper it'd be this one!