There were two specific photographs that circulated amongst the media of Celeste Corcoran, 47 and daughter Sydney Corcoran, 18 from that horrific day on April 15. Celeste's photo was edited on the front page of serveral papers and caused an outrage.

A mother and daughter severlely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing are giving each other strength as they recover side by side at Boston Medical Center.

Celeste ended up having both legs fully amputated while daughter Sydney suffered extensive injuries after being hit with shrapnel, but luckily no amputation were made.

In this incredible video, marines visit the two and share amazing words and expereinces, noting that this is nothing other than a new start on life for the mother and daughter. 

The more inspiring part is when Celeste notes that she could never run a marathon because she had such bad shin splints, but now that she has no shins maybe she can. Simply amazing and inspiring. 

Our hearts go out to these two #BostonStrong