On The Bachelorette last night, Eric Hill was sent home. Hill is the contestant who died after taping of the show finished. Part of the show last night was reportedly taped at Mohegan Sun.


Following reports of theft from Miley Cyrus' San Fernando home over the weekend, her 2014 Mazeratti was found and is now being dusted for prints by police. Surveillance footage of Cyrus' house is also being looked at in attempts to identify the burglars. 


Ray J was arrested at an LA club after grabbing a girl's butt and then getting into a fight with security. Reports now say that Ray J kicked out the window of the squad car after getting very claustrophobic.


Chris Brown was released from jail yesterday after 131 days in jail. He is blaming a portion of his bad actions on the people he chose to be associated with and says he is taking steps to remove those people from his life. Doctors have put him on medication for bipolar disorder and say that he is now stable. Brown has told his label that he will not mess up again and that his sole focus will now be his music.


Jennifer Lopez has her first ever concert in her hometown of the Bronx tomorrow night, and to make it even better... it's free! What should be a very exciting time for Ms. Lopez is, however, being dampened by reports that she has split up with boyfriend of three years, Casper Smart, following allegations of his sexting with transsexual models. Smart has reportedly been dropped as JLo's creative director and taken out of any future travel plans. 


A new movie is coming out about secret leaker Edward Snowden. The movie will be directed by Oliver Stone, the director of movies such as "W." and "Nixon".


The new Star Wars movie has added more A-Listers to its cast. Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o and Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie are the latest additions to the film. 


The list of NFL players suing the NFL over concussion issues continues to grow with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Dan Marino. 


Too bad it's not Thursday because here's a throwback for you... David Archuleta, winner of season 7 of American Idol, has posted a video blog letting fans know that he's back and writing new music.