Emmy Nominations are out! Funny human Mindy Kaling and The Voice host Carson Daily announced the nominations this morning. As predicted Breaking Bad has been nominated for best drama and Modern Family for best comedy. Game of Thrones had the most nominations at 19. For a complete list check out out http://www.emmys.com/awards/nominees-winners.


The Daily mail has retracted the story that George Clooney's future mother in law opposed Clooney's upcoming marriage to her daughter Amal Alamuddin for religious reasons after Clooney slammed the story as being "completely fabricated."


Elisabeth Hasselbeck called into her own show, Fox & Friends, to express her disapproval of Rosie O'Donnell rejoining The View. O'Donnel will be one of the replacements for Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy. Rumors are circulating that John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, is being considered for the reaming co-host position. 



Donald Sterling was back in court yesterday where he called his wife a "pig" and claimed that he will never sell the Clippers despite his previous statements. 



Justin Beiber will NOT be going to jail over his famous egging incident. The Beibs plead no contest to egging his neighbors mansion. He is has been sentenced to pay over 80,000 in restitution and probation.