Justin Beiber has his new girlfriend model Chantel Jeffries tag along to Panama in fear she might sell his Miami escapade stories to the media for $20,000. Also Usher has arrived in Panama. Justin had a court hearing yesterday for the arrest in Miami but was not required to be there. 


Madonna is going to be Miley Cyrus's suprise guess at her MTV Unplugged perfromance. The two were spotted together at a Hollywood soundstage. They were rehearsing for the performance.


Depsite being injured and having to withdraw from the Sochi Olympics, Lindsay Vonn has been named as an Olympic correspondent for the TODAY Show. She will also make contributions to NBC Sports.


Mackelmore felt Kendrick Lamar was left out at the Grammy's for the Rap Album of the year and let him know by sending him a text which said, "You got robbed, I wanted you to win, its wierd that I robbed you. Which he was going to say during his speech but the music started to play and cut him off. 


The Boston Calliing Concert is coming back to Boston for the third year. You can catch the show on City Hall Plaza for three days. May 23-25. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. 


Super Bowl week begins this week as the teams arrived yesterday and and Media Day happening today. There will be no blimps flying over the Superbowl due to the weather. There will be no aerial shots from above the stadium this year. Opera singer Renee Fleming will be singing the National Anthem with Bruno Marrs performing the half time show and Queen Latifah was also announced to be singing America the Beautiful.