Tom Brady On The Pats' First Home Game

The Patriots have their opening gametonight at Gillette Stadium,
and quarterback Tom Brady along with the rest of the team have nothing but high
hopes for this game as well as the season to come! The Patriots recently
decided that they would place Adrian Wilson on their season ending injured
reserve.With the loss of a few other players we hope that the New England
Patriots come out on top tonight with a win against the Jets!


Going Once, Going Twice - Kris Humphries Auctions Off Kims Ring


After what seemed to be like a never ending divorce, Kris Humphries decided it’s time
to get rid of the last remains of his marriage to Kim Kardashian. Kris is
auctioning off Kim’s 20 carat engagement ring; the bidding will start on
October 15th at Christies auction house located in New York City. Sources
say that Kim has asked Kris to auction the ring off a few times in the past but
he was supposedly waiting until the divorce was official, which happened about
three months ago. After a 72 day marriage these two seemed to have both moved
on with their personal as well as love lives.




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