The Super Bowl was the most watched TV event in history with one hundred eleven million viewers. Bruno Mars record sales have shot up 160% after his half time show at the Super Bowl. 



One Direction is on track to make one billion dollars. This includes profits from concerts, music sales, and merchandise.



After all the news that Justin Bieber has been making, he was turned away from many Super Bowl parties this year and also customs vows to search him and all his property whenever he enters the country.




PHOTO CREDIT: W Magazine/Mert Alas and Marcu Piggot

Miley Cyrus forgot her eyebrows at home befrore she went on a photo shoot for W Magazine. It is quite a bold look. They were died blonde for this layout.



Carley Rae Jepsen starring on Broadway as Cindrella for 12 weeks.



Paris Hilton was hired to DJ at an Atlantic City nightclub and was paid $100,00. After her gig she hit the black jack table and won an additonal $50,000



Chris Brown is thanking his lucky stars as a judge did not grant the prosecutions motions to throw him in jail.