Samuel L. Jackson rips a reporter apart for confusing him with Lawrence Fishburne. He never talks about what the reporter actually wants to talk about, the movie Robocop.



Julia Roberts half sister was found dead of an apparent drug overdose. There were prescription and non-prescription drugs found on the scene. 





Bruce Jennner's two daughters Kylie and Kendall are oh so very confused about their father after his adams apple shave and hair plugs. Also what is up with that hair do. Is Kim Kardashian's hairdresser also Bruce Jenner's 




Kanye West might not have a contract with Nike anymore but there was still one style of shoes that had to be released. With a single tweet Nike promotes the sneakers which sold out in ten minutes and then appeared on ebay for $16.3 million




Jonah Hill acted in Wolf of Wallstreet for only $60,000. He says he wanted to be part of the film no matter what.  Jonah just wanted to work with Martin Scorsese.



George Zimmerman's boxing match was cancelled but is back on. The event will be even bloodier spouts the new promoter. This will not be a boxing match it will be more like Fight Club.