It's Jimmy!!!!! Jimmy Fallon's first gig as The Tonight Show host kicked off last night. Some suprise guests were Lady Gaga, Mike Tyson, Steven Colbert Mariah Carey and of course the attention seeking missle Kim Kardashian. All there to pay him back for a bet he made with his buddy that he would never be the host of "The Tonight Show"



Bradlee Cooper was a guest on Ellen and who knew his pants were so tight after gaining weight for a new movie, he had to go commando when he atteneded The Whtie House State Dinner.



President Obama spent his Presidents Day watching TV. He caught up on episodes of Game of Thrones and True Detective



It has come out that Taylor Swift lost her viriginty to Jake Gylenhal. Could this be true? The song "The Moment I Knew", this all steming from him not showing up to her 21st birthday.