Emerson College Is Changing Thier Name!


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The communications school at Emerson
College will be changing their name for one day in honor of Ron Burgundy. The school’s name will be the Ron Burgundy School of Communications on December 4th. He is scheduled to make an appearance, talk to the students as well as a news conference.
There will also be a screening of his new movie Anchorman 2.


Justin Bieber Throws a Wild Party at His Home!


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Justin Bieber seems to be in
the media lately for all the wrong reasons. This time there was no difference; he was in the news this time because he had a "wild" Great Gatsby themed party in his Calabasas home. It is said that he made his guests sign a confidentially agreement, saying that they would not talk about the party or take/share any pictures or they would be sued for 3 million dollars. Many celebrities were said to have attended this party like Chris Brown, T.I, Snoop Dog, Floyd Mayweather and others. It seems lately that Justin has been seen partying with many different girls, some clothed and some not and in
this case they were naked!





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