It's Back To Rehab For Chris Brown!

(Getty Images)

Chris Brown is well known for the crazy things he does that tend to get him in trouble lately. The newest being him punching a man in the face breaking his nose. He was sentenced to rehab where he felt that within days he was cured and wanted to leave. It was reported that his mother came to visit and tell him that she thinks he needs to stay longer and receive help, he then got upset and proceeded to throw a rock through his own mother’s car window! Talk about crazy, he was due in court where the judge told him that he had to go back to rehab for 90 days!

A-Rod Storms Out Of Courtroom!

Alex Rodriguez wanted to sit down and speak with MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to set the record straight about the allegations that are being said about him. When Bud did not show to the meeting Rodriguez got very mad and stormed out of the court room, calling Selig a "chicken". He wanted a chance to clear his name from the rumors about abusing steroids. He wants to talk to the man behind his suspension and the reason that his family is going through this embarrassment and have a chance to talk about how the suspension from the New York Yankees is unfair, due to the fact that he did not abuse steroids he claims.