Rihanna Fans Get Rowdy

Angry audience members threw food onstage at Rihanna while she was performing in Manchester, England.  Aggravated fans launched various items, including potato chips, at Rihanna while she was mid-song.  But was this food fight warranted?  Some argue yes, since the diva arrived late, yet again, to the concert.  Rihanna reprimanded the crowd, saying, "There's good crazy and there's bad crazy.  When you throw sh*t up here, that's an epic fail...I swear to god, cut that sh*t out.  Really, chips?  Chips though?!"  Maybe it's time for this pop princess to be a bit more punctual...



2013 EPSY Awards

Lebron James cleaned up last night during the 21st annual EPSY Awards, taking home three trophies.  James won for Best Male Athlete, Best Championship Performance, and Best NBA Player.  Robin Roberts received the Arthur Ashe Courage award, and Ben Affleck was also in attendance to present the Jimmy V Perseverance Award to father-son duo Dick and Rick Hoyt.


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