Mark Wahlberg Comes Home!

...To promote his new movie, 2 Guns!  The Dorchester native was at Patriot Cinemas in Hingham last night for a private screening of his upcoming blockbuster.  Fans flocked the streets to snap pictures and ask questions.  When asked to comment on Aaron Hernandez, Marky Mark vaguely reflected on his personal struggles.  "It's a tragedy all the way around...first and foremost, my thoughts are with the Lloyd family," said Wahlberg.  "You'd like to think that someone who was given an opportunity to do what he'd always wanted to do, such an incredible opportunity, would cherish and hold onto that.  Look, if I can do it, anything is possible."  The screening was also a fundraiser for the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation--a charity dedicated to helping inner city youth.


Weiner Won't Go Away

"Quit isn't the way we roll in New York City."  That's an exact quote from Anthony Weiner's new campaign advertisement.  Need I say more?


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