Tiger Woods #1 Again in Golf

Tiger Woods wins it all at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He came back healthy and ready to play his best and he showed everyone that he can still do it. This is the 11th time that he has been number 1 durring his career.


Kim Kardashian No Baby Cravings and Weight Gain

Kim did an interview with Maria Menunos yesterday and told her that she has the worst sweet tooth before becoming pregnant, but now she is all about carrots and ranch. She is also busting the rumors that are surrounding her weight gain of 200 lbs! She says shes no where near that and she wouldn't care if she was.


Paul McCartney is coming to Boston

McCartney is scheduled to come to Boston and play Fenway Park again this July 9th. Tickets will be avaliable through LiveNation.


Pink Coming to TD Garden Thursday

Pink will be at TD Garden this week for her Truth About Love Tour. It will be Thursday at 7pm so get your tickets now if you still want to go! Pink has also scheduled another stop in Boston for later in the tour that she has just extended until December.


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