Kiss Concert Announced

this morning on the Matty Show we announed the lineup so far for this years Kiss Concert

Cher Lloyd, Jason Derulo, Olly Murrs, Arianna Grande, Icona Pop, Chris Wallace, Tabu, Emblem 3, Demi Lovato

Tickets go on sale tomorrow and Kiss Club members can get theirs today at 10! Kiss Concert 2013 will be on May 18th at the Comcast Center.


Angie Miller Falls Short of Motown Greatness

Last night on American Idol Angela Miller performed "Shop Around" and did not impress all 4 judges with her rock performance. Nicki Manaj told everyone exactly what she thought when she told Angie that she should not be someone she is not. Nicki also told the trio of Devin, Burnell, and Lazaro to get off the stage after their performance.


Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk Expecting!

Jenna Wolfe told her co-hosts on the Today show that they were expecting a baby and she is quite pregnant. She also admitted that she has been dating Stephanie for 3 years and she will be blogging throughout the duration of the pregnancy.


Justin Bieber in Trouble Again

Justin was driving recklessly through his neighborhood in his farrari and upsetting neighbors. He threatened to kill the man who complained and spit in his face. He flew home from Poland and spent some time with ex girlfriend Selena Gomez.


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