Jaden Smith Gives Justin Bieber Cartier Watch

Jaden Smith bought friend Justin a $10,000 Cartier watch. He delievered it to the club to Justin and left. Justin dubbed his brithday the worst one yett because his current girl Ella Page Roberts was not allowed or Jaden Smith.

Bieber also was two hours late to his London show at the O2 forcing the crowd to boo him.


American Idol Welcomes Top 20 Singers

The girls will sing tonight on Idol and Beverly native Angela Miller will perform tonight for a spot on the top 10. The men will sing tomorrow and Thursday will announce the top 10 and who will be going on American Idol tour this summer. Idol also revealing a new voting technique tonight allowing viewers to vote up to 50 times during the show and change their votes as well. Viewers can vote on their mobile app or the website.You can still vote by calling as well.


Oprah to Speak at 367 Commencement at Harvard

Oprah will address 32,000 people at the commencement which will be May 30th in Harvard Yard at the Tercentenary Theater. She has also spoken to Duke and Stanford University and Spelman College last year.


Forbes Released 2013's Richest People

Forbes announced the richest people on the planet,

1. Carlos SLim Helo and Family, $73 Bil.

2. Bill Gates, $67 Bil

3. Amancio Ortega, $57 Bil

4. Warren Buffet, $53.5 Bil

5. Larry Ellison, $43 Bil

6. Charles Koch, $34 Bil

7. David Koch, $34 Bil

8. Li Ka-shing, $31 Bil

9. Liliane Betterncourt & Family, $30 Bil

10. Bernard Arnauld & Family, $29 Bil