Ryan Seacrest newly swatted

Seacrest's home had reportedly swatted 911 as a prank call. It was about a supposed break in at Ryan's home and at 2:21AM. The police called back and spoke to security and Ryan himself to verify that everything was alright.



Angie Miller makes singing look effortless

Angie sang Burt Bacharach's "Anyone Who Had a Heart" and the judges didn't have any negative vocal comments but told her that her singing looked effortless. Nicki said that she didn't look like she was passionate about the song. We hope for the best tonight when the elimination takes place.



Jerry Remy Confirms Relapse on Lung Cancer

Jerry Sat down last night with Tom Caron to inform his fans of his recent cancer treatment for his lung cancer. Remy wanted to be honest with his fans and let them know that this will not stop him from being at all the games cheering on Red Sox Nation.



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