Sammy Adams

DM: The last time I saw you, you were wearing Lady Gaga's Versace shades. What's the story behind that?
SA: One of my old creative directors was dating Gaga right when she exploded. She left them at his house and I stole them.

DM: Tell me about your line, Ok Cool.
SA: We named our management company and clothing label, Ok Cool.
We got the name from being in Paris. We'd always ask for directions to clubs, we'd say thanks, and they'd say "Ok cool."
We made the name something very random but everyone says it. If you pay attention you'll notice. It's a universal statement and we wanted to make universal clothing like our hoodies.

DM: What is the price point for a hoodie and where can we buy them?
SA: At our shows, and at They go for around 50 bucks.

DM: Tell me about the kicks you've been wearing lately. I know you're a shoe guy.
SA: I sort of went back to the old Jordan vibe and I've been wearing a lot of Comme des Garcons.

Nikki Williams

DM: I think you have a great rocker-chic vibe going on. How would you describe your style?

NW: I like to call it street chic. Just something you can throw on. I think having a few key pieces and mixing and matching what you have is street chic. Always have a leather jacket, some good shorts, and boots.

DM: Who's your favorite designer right now?
NW: Definitely Gwen Stefani. She's awesome.

DM: What style would you not be caught dead in?
NW: I hate sequins! I've definitely worn them and thought ,"This is terrible. I look like a Christmas tree!"

DM: What advice would you give your fans who want to copy your style on a limited budget?
NW: Go to H&M and Forever 21. It's disposable clothing! Not a big investment and if you get sick of something, you can throw it away.

DM: Any secrets to keeping your red hair so vibrant?
NW: I use sulfate-free products to keep the color

DM: What are your favorite makeup lines?
NW: Mac and Tom Ford. Tom Ford is the best ever!


DM: Your shades are dope. Where did you get them?
T: Linda Farrow. I got them in Paris.

DM: I would describe your style as futuristic couture. How would you describe your style?
T: Magnetic. It's like my personality, I think it attracts. I like to incorporate cool sneakers and cool hats that are not the norm. And the glasses have always been a stamp of the Peas.

DM: Nothing about you says thrift shop. Everything you wear looks high end. What were you wearing in your early days with the Peas?
T: (Laughs) We definitely shopped at thrift shops before Fergie was in the group.

DM: Who designed your watch?
T: It's a one-off from G Shock.

DM: What advice would you give someone who wants to rock your style?
T: You can do so much with cool shoes, accessories, color schemes, hats, and cool funky glasses.

Olly Murs

DM: You have a very retro late 80's vibe today. How would you describe your style in general?
OM: I would describe it as an 80's early 90's style. I kind of change from day to day. I like blazers lately. I love the indie look.

DM: I've seen you wear hats a lot. Would you say that's your signature thing?
OM: I used to wear them a lot because I was self conscious about my hair. Now I like to have a smart coif so I'm not wearing hats as much.

DM: What advice would you give your fans who want to copy your style on a limited budget?
OM: H&M or Top Shop. Anyone could wear what I'm wearing today. It's not that complicated. I'm not one to wear the most expensive clothes because I don't think it's necessary. I have on an All Saints t, Kooples blazer, Top Man jeans, and Post shoes.

Scott Disick

DM: You are known for being a well dressed guy. Did that come natural to you? How did you hone your look?
SD: It's a hobby. I read a lot of magazines and books and looked at different types of clothing and took it from there.

DM: Who are your favorite designers?
SD: Tom Ford makes really good stuff for the younger generation. Custom made is always good because you can create your own thing.

DM: What style tips do you have for someone on a limited budget who wants to look like you?
SD: You don't have to go all out and think that you need 10 different suits and 10 different shirts. Just get a base black suit and a great white dress shirt. One really great black suit will go a long way as opposed to 10 crappy ones. Mix it up with different ties. Barney's is great for everyone.

DM: Does your wife have any input on what your wear?
SD: No. She doesn't really care about that sort of thing. She wouldn't care if I was in a t-shirt with meatball sauce on it or if I was in a suit.

DM: Do you have a stylist?
SD: I 've never worked with a stylist.


DM: What style tips do you have for your fans?
N:Dress for comfort. However, understand that what you wear speaks before you do, so even in your comfortable stage keep it unique to who you are.

DM: Favorite designers right now?
N: I'm a huge fan of Tom Ford and Paul Smith

DM: What can you wear right off the rack?
N: I can wear Louis right off the rack but I can't wear a lot of designers right off the rack.

DM: What is your fashion don't?
N: I can't wear bow-ties. The only way I can do a bow-tie is if it's untied and hanging like that old Rat Pack look with a baller glass.

DM: What advice would you give your fans who want to copy your style on a limited budget?
N: H&M, Zara, and TopMan are cost efficient and stylish stores. You will look great!

Chris Wallace

DM: In your "Remember When" video, you are rocking the t-shirts and hoodies like a rock star. How would you describe your style in general?
CW: How I dress reflects the mood I'm in. I've been in such a good mood lately, I've been wearing really bright and cheery things. If I'm wearing black it's like ,"Don't mess with Chris today".

DM: Where did you get the look you are wearing for Kiss Concert?
CW: I actually picked this up at Zara in London. My shoes are from a brand called Arthur.

DM: Where are your favorite places to shop?
CW: When I'm on the road I love stopping at random thrift shops and small designer boutiques.

DM: Are there any up and coming designers that you've discovered lately?
CW : I love this brand called Cohesive.

DM: What is your most recent fashion splurge?
CW: I would say my Tumi luggage. It's like an accessory because I always have it with me.

DM: What advice would you give your fans who want to copy your style on a limited budget?
CW: This summer I'm going to be wearing a lot of bright t-shirts so pick up anything bright!

Icona Pop

DM: 'I Love It' sounds like fashion. If I could describe what fashion sounds like, I would definitely say that song. In fact, it's been the fashion show anthem for 2013. It seems like your music and style are one in the same.
IP: Our music is like our style and the fashion we wear.

DM: You both mix a lot of masculine and feminine pieces together. Is that your signature look?
IP: Yes and we love second hand stores, Givenchy, and Balenciaga.

DM: What advice would you give your fans who want to copy your style on a limited budget?
IP: Go to H&M and second hand stores.

DM: What gets recycled the most in your wardrobe?
IP: Jackets and shoes

DM: Do you borrow each other's clothes on tour?
IP: Yes, definitely.

Demi Lovato


DM: How would you describe your style for your new album "Demi"
DL: Chic, edgy, and sophisticated

DM: What advice would you give your fans who want to copy your style on a budget?
DL: I love Forever 21 and Top Shop.

DM: Why did you go blonde?
DL: I wanted a new change for X-Factor

DM: What are your favorite makeup brands?
DL: Nars and Make Up Forever

Jason Derulo

DM: What is your summer style like?
JD: I consider it urban european. I'm doing a lot of sleeveless shirts, gotta let the breeze in.

DM: What new things are you incorporating into your wardrobe?
JD: Lately, I've been obsessed with snap backs.

DM: What are your favorite places to shop?
JD: Traffic in LA is awesome and I love little boutique places.

DM: What do you consider a fashion don't?
JD: The bow tie. I just can't get down with the bow tie.


DM: Tell me about your style.
E: We have no style. If we could, we'd wear yoga pants everyday.

DM: If someone wanted to copy your style, what would you tell them to do?
E: Get a Yums snapback, a tank top, and some high top shoes.

DM: Where do you like to shop?
E: We like to shop at thrift stores, poppin' tags.

Ariana Grande

DM: Who designed your dress?
AG: Sherry Hill

DM: Is your style on stage a lot different than your everyday style?
AG: Yes, I'm usually a lot calmer everyday. It's classic, girly, floral, and feminine.

DM: What fashion don'ts do you tell your stylist not to pull for you?
AG: I'm not really edgy. Studs would scare me.

DM: Where do you shop?
AG: I don't shop in fancy stores. I love Free People, Forever 21, Top Shop, and LF.

DM: What are your favorite makeup brands?
AG: Chanel, Benefit, and Dior.

DM: What's your latest fashion splurge?
AG: I don't spend a big chunk of money on one thing. I like to spend a lot of money in one store and get 50 things rather than one really expensive item.

Mike Posner

DM: How would you describe your style?
MP: I just like to be myself.

DM: What are your favorite designers?
MP: I don't really know a lot about fashion. I'm a midwest boy.

DM: What has been a staple in your wardrobe lately?
MP: I wear these necklaces everyday.


DM: How does your style differ from everyday to stage?
K: On stage we gotta be comfortable. We are all about being dedicated to performing and we don't like things that get in the way. Sports bras and bro tanks. We're all about the sport bras, especially Rain Man. He's gotta hold his junk in.

DM: You guys wear a lot of black. Is it your staple color?
K: Yes! Everything matches when your whole closet is black. You don't have to think about it.

DM: You guys always have the signature black winged liner. What brand do you use?
K: Smashbox and Bobbi Brown

RAIN MAN: Sometimes if I have acne, I call them up and ask them if they have concealer or foundation and they're like,"No bro". They don't wear foundation!
JAHAN: This dude when I first met him had concealer in his bathroom!

DM: What advice would you give your fans who want to copy your style on a budget?
K: Shop in the men's department. Buy large or extra large shirts and then cut them up.

Krewella's Stylist Nolan Wells

DM: Tell me about you!
NW: I've been in the business for just 2 years. I've worked with Karmin, Flo Rida, and Stacey. I like working with new talent and seeing them grow style wise.

DM: Where are you from?
NW: Springfield, MA

DM: How would you describe Krewella's style?
NW: Grunge and glam. California cool without all the colors.

DM: Where are your top places to pull for them?
NW: Top Shop, Forever 21, H&M, Supra. I love to work with new designers that fit their aesthetic.


DM: What has been your biggest fashion splurge lately?
K: My outfit for Kiss Concert.

DM: What's your favorite place to shop in Boston?
K: H&M and Forever 21