Jennifer Lopez looked amazing with soft purple eyeshadow and her signature glowing skin.


Ariana wore a retro geometric dress and soft makeup for her performance.


DM: Being the only girl, Rydel, do you help the guys look fresh before a show?
R5: Yeah, without our permission! Ha ha. She picks food from our teeth.
DM: Tell me about your charity project R5 closet.
R5: After we wear our clothes a lot and we're done with them, we put them up on the website r5closet.com and auction them off. All the proceeds go to the charity water.org. Fans can actually buy things we've worn. It's funny because we'll be at a meet and greet and a fan will be like, "I'm wearing your shirt!"
DM: Who's the most into fashion out of all of you?
R5: Ryker.
DM: What designers have you been wearing lately?
R5: Scotch & Soda, Nasty Gal, All Saints
DM: Who is the most high maintenance before a show? It's not always the girl!
R5: We are all pretty chill before a show.


DM: You guys are local. Where do you shop in Boston?
A: We love Buffalo Exchange, Bodega, Laced, and AWOL
DM: What is the best thrift shop score you've had?
A: I picked up this Red Sox shirt I'm wearing for only $4 at the Good Will near the Paradise.


DM: You just did an episode of The Thundermans for Nickelodeon. Did the stylist let you keep anything?
M: Yes! These jackets! We love them.
DM: What brands have you been wearing lately?
M: Creative Rec
DM: Do you dress different when you are not working?
M: Yes, we're very lazy at home.


DM: Have you had any fashion nightmares before a show?
Danny: Yes! Yesterday! I almost wore cleats on stage because I forgot I had them on after playing football. If I noticed 30 seconds later it would have been too late. I changed quick!
We also had a photo shoot where the photographer said he'd have a makeup artist and instead he showed up with a compact of orange colored foundation and he started applying it to all of our faces. One color! And he didn't speak English.


DM: I love your glitter eyeliner! Is it Urban Decay?
KT: Yes!
DM: I have the same one on right now.
DM: Tell me about the clothes you wore in "The Big Bang" video you shot yesterday.
KT: I was wearing Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, and Louboutins. I was absolutely in awe!
DM: If you had to do one thing yourself between hair, makeup, and styling, what are u most confident in?
KT: Makeup! I find it therapeutic. I absolutely love lashes and lipgloss. I love red! I call red my natural color.
DM: Glitter is my natural color. Ha ha
DM: What beauty tips do you have?
KT: I wear 2 pairs of lashes and white eyeliner to open up my eyes. Pick one thing and make it your focus. Mine is my eyes. I like doing more natural lips.
DM: Have you had any fashion or beauty mishaps before going on stage?
KT: Lipstick on my teeth!


DM: Tell me about your style.
CC: We are pretty slender guys so as long as it fits. We grew up on rock music so we have more of a rocker style. We love All Saints.
DM: Have you had any fashion nightmares before a show?
CC: Splitting our pants. We've learned to always have a sewing kit with us.


DM: Amy, I know you like to do your own makeup. It always looks great. Did you do it today?
AMY: Yes!
DM: What new beauty or fashion projects are you up to?
AMY: I'm starting a beauty blog called Karminology and it's coming out in July.
DM: What's your latest beauty obsession?
AMY: Mink lashes!

DM: Nick, did you keep any of the clothes from your "I Want It All" video?
NICK: Yes! I kept the red suit from that shoot.
DM: What brands have you been wearing lately?
NICK: All Saints & John Varvatos


DM: What's your everyday look?
TF: A dope pair of jeans, some Jordans, a black v-neck, and leather jackets.
DM: What brands are you loving right now?
TF: Skingraft and Hudson
DM: Have you had any wardrobe malfunctions before a show?
TF: I broke my belt once and had to hold my pants up the whole time. Thankfully everyone was drunk at that show so I don't think anyone noticed.


DM: What new fashion collaborations do you have in the works?
FH: We have a deal with Mattel to have our own Barbies! We also have a collaboration with Jovani prom dresses.


DM: You have a great androgynous look. How do you make it look effortless? Did you learn anything from the stylists at The Voice?
KM: I used to wear things that were too big and sloppy looking. I learned that getting things tailored and wearing slim jeans looks so much better. I wear guy's shirts so they have to be tailored to look neat and not messy.