UPDATE: 9:30AM EST 8/29/14 -- Reports are coming in that last night, Joan was put into a medically-induced coma. With my experience watching Grey's Anatomy, it's not necessarily a bad thing considering it allows the body to not have to work so hard (I think, anyway), so that it can hopefully heal. At the same time, anything involving a coma usually reeks of a lot of bad. More updates coming when I get them for ya.


UPDATE: 1:20PM EST -- It's being reported that Joan ended up going into cardiac arrest while on the surgery table, which is why she stopped breathing. She is currently listed in critical condition at Mount Sinai Hospital.


TOTAL craziness is coming out of New York City right now -- Joan Rivers was at a private clinic getting surgery on her vocal chords, when she completely stopped breathing. 

Doctors rushed her to Mount Sinai hospital in NYC, where her daughter Melissa is on her way to meet her. So far, Joan is still alive.

Updates will come as we get them...