Awww man Zayn...what are you thinking dude?!

So obviously there's A LOT of trouble going on in the Middle East right now...and like usual, the Palestine-Israel conflict is insane and tension is beyond MEGA high right now. You might remember last week, Rihanna accidentally Tweeted something related to the topic, then took it down like 8 seconds later.

Not Zayn. Last night, Zayn posted the below Tweet to his Twittah Machine...and the hearts of 1D fans everywhere broke.

TONS of 1D fans (mainly from Israel or in support of Israel) tweeted back things like "I'm from Israel, you want me to die?" Others had much more harsh feedback. (In his defense, Zayn was born and raised Muslim, so it's not a huge surprise he would side with the Muslims. But still...NOT a good look.)