She's baaaaaccccckkkkkk!! Without a doubt, Julianne Hough has to be one of America's Sweethearts and probably the most popular (at least, next to a shirtless Maksim Chermas;klfjwporuwljfls-way too long of a last name to try and figure out) professional dancer from Dancing With The Stars.

Well, Julianne left a few years ago to pursue a career and acting, and since that's been a bit of a bust, she's returning to the show -- a judge!

All 3 judges are returning, so you won't be missing out on any of them, but it sounds like producers are going to add a 4th seat for Julianne. And since her commitment to the show is only a few hours a week, she'll still have plenty of time to pursue her acting career.

(Suddenly, dudes have another reason to watch this show again.)